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About US

About Us

Connect to English stands as the nexus of excellence and education, wholly dedicated to providing unparalleled IELTS/PTE preparation journeys. Our commitment lies in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, with a particular emphasis on IELTS and PTE preparation. As an integral part of Future Connect Education and Migration Services, we draw upon our extensive experience to spotlight the advantages of English language proficiency tests for students pursuing overseas education.

Distinguished by a rich history of coaching over 1,300 students in achieving their desired score, Connect to English, takes immense pride in upholding Australia’s highest success rate for PTE and IELTS coaching. Through a blend of expertise and a student-centric approach, we pave the way for individuals to not only meet but exceed their aspirations, positioning them as adept candidates, ready to thrive in international academic settings.

In pursuit of our goals, we strive to instill not only language proficiency but also holistic development, equipping individuals with the skills required, to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. Our dedication extends to providing comprehensive support, innovative learning methods, and personalized guidance.

Join Connect to English on a journey where educational excellence converges with personal growth, propelling students toward a future of limitless possibilities.

Our Mission

At Connect to English, we aim to be the leading hub for IELTS and PTE preparation, fostering excellence in English language proficiency. Through innovative teaching, personalized guidance, and unwavering commitment, we aim to empower individuals and ensure that they confidently navigate through both academic and professional challenges and emerge as proficient global communicators.

Our Vision

At the heart of our vision lies the aspiration to cultivate global citizens equipped with proficiency in the English language, poised to excel both academically and professionally. Our commitment is unwavering as we endeavor to pave the way for our clients, ensuring a seamless journey towards achieving remarkable IELTS PTE scores and, ultimately, obtaining permanent residency.

We recognize that the journey toward proficiency and residency is a significant chapter in our clients’ lives. Hence, we dedicate ourselves to providing comprehensive support, innovative learning methodologies, and personalized guidance, fostering an environment that not only shapes linguistic adeptness but also hones the qualities required for global citizenship.

Why Us?

We believe in fostering a dynamic, inclusive, and supportive environment that is full of life, welcoming to all, and supportive of each individual’s development and success. Our passionate team of instructors is committed to providing students with an excellent education by employing innovative approaches and providing each student with personalized care.


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