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OSHC - Your Health Care

If you are preparing to study in Australia requires some preparation before you arrive here and one of the things you need to know is the importance of Overseas Student Health Cover . In summary, OSHC is a health insurance which you need to purchase online before your student visa can be processed. So, what is OSHC and how many companies out there offers this product? Below, we provide you with comprehensive information about OSHC, why you needit and which OSHC to purchase before you step into Australia. The first thing to remember is that all international students studying in Australia are required to purchase the OSHC before coming to Australia and this product can be purchased through different sources.

Why is it better to purchase through Future Connect?

We take keen attention in each client application for OSHC and make the process easy, to get the best cover to suit your needs. We do the OSHC comparison so you can move on fast and come to Australia knowing you made the right decision.
Future Connect will navigate through the dozens of options out there and choose the best (and often the cheapest) product for you.
Future Connect can also do some research and analysis of where the closest OSHC support centre is to your University or residential location.
In some unique cases our agents can also assist you to claim back the additional fees paid to your OSHC provider. You will be able to save hundreds if not thousands on your medical health insurance.

Student needs to be covered by OSHC for the whole duration of their student visa. We have been serving international students for the last 16 years.
Online application and quick response

In most cases you can have a policy confirmation in just a few minutes. However, we will get your OSHC certificate to you in no more than 24 hours. Or if you need a little extra help, ask our counsellor to help organise your Health Cover with you

Depending on your cover you could save a good amount per year by booking through us.
Maximum benefits

You're getting public and private hospital and medical cover including visits to a doctor or specialist through one of the best providers in Australia.

Our friendly and knowledgeable multilingual Australian-based support team areavailable face-to-face, by phone or email to ensure you get the right policy for you.