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Know more about NAATI CCL

Get your 5 Immigration Points by clearing your NAATI

NAATI – National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters, is the only Australian accredited certification that acknowledges an individual ability as an interpreter or translator at a community level as per the standards set.

What can you expect in the assessment: The test evaluates mainly how well a candidate can interpret the conversation dialogues from their choice of language and vice versa.

The NAATI CCL test consists of recorded conversation dialogues, each has around 300 words, whereby the candidate has a time frame of 30 minutes to interpret and translate successfully. Each recording carries 45 marks, with a minimum of 29 marks required in each segment to clear the NAATI CCL test successfully.

Topics Expected

The main topics covered surround the lifestyle and real-life scenario of an individual living in Australia.

The topics expected include:

Future Connect partners with recognized providers, who are leaders in NAATI CCL coaching around Australia with a broad range of languages offered for translations classes:

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