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$ 15,336

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, wish to feast on big eats, visit cultural icons or indulge yourself into historical richness, staying in Canberra offers an unmatched unique experience! Capital of Australia and political centre of Oceania, Canberra offers a relaxed lifestyle, with one of the most physically active communities in the country. Progressive and diverse, with safe surroundings, Canberra remains the city of all your conveniences.

Top 10 Reasons to make Melbourne your next Study Destination
  • Top Quality Education

  • Generous Scholarships

  • Good Standard of Living

  • Cost Effective City

  • Comparatively low accommodation cost

  • Competitive Edge for PR applicant

  • Above average Student Acceptance Rate

  • Good Work/Life balance ratio

  • Multicultural

  • Good for history lovers

In Demand Career Pathways
  • Advertising

  • Information Technology

  • Trade Courses

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Accounting

  • Medical Practitioners

  • Laws