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Mesmerising city, surrounded by the beautiful river adding on to the calm of the city. Perth as a city is fortunate to experience arrays of climatic changes ranging from warm summer time to a cool winter period. It attracts many for being one of the most cost effective cities in Australia. Cosmopolitan environment, booming business opportunities, and high quality of life makes Perth an interesting choice for many to reside at.

Top 10 Reasons to make Perth your next Study Destination:
  • Top Quality Education

  • Leader in Science and Education

  • Warm Tropical Climate all year-round

  • Multicultural City

  • Affordable City

  • Home to a wealth of indigenous culture

  • Competitive Edge for migrants

  • Part-Time Job Opportunities

  • Ideal spot for nature lovers

  • Convenient Public Transportation

  • Generous Scholarship Opportunities Available

In Demand Career Pathways
  • Hospitality Industry

  • Engineering

  • Medical Science

  • Horticulture

  • Early Childhood Education and Care

  • Information Technology

  • Trade Courses

  • Social Worker